Free Consultations on all Family Related Issues.


Full Representation on all Family Related Issues: Divorce, Separation, Custody including third party or stepparent, child support, Domestic Abuse, Harassment.


Limited Scope Representation. Flat Fee Representation for the following Family Related Services: Appearance at ICMC hearing, FENE, SENE, Mediation.


Flat Fee of $100 to review Documents to be submitted to Court.


Mediation: $150.00 per hour.


Philosophy of Divorce Practice

After twenty years of practice I have come to understand that when someone comes to see me for a divorce, their family was broken long before they came to my office. My job is to help heal that family by giving honest information and advice so that the family can divide into two homes. Sometimes that means I have to fight for the interests of my client or the children. Sometimes it means that I have to counsel my client to stop fighting and compromise. Often, it means both. You can trust that your best interests and my twenty years of experience motivate my advice.


There are two kinds of divorce lawyers: those who do whatever you ask them to do and those who counsel you on what is best to do for your case. You can trust that I will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. 


Some lawyers let their client’s walk through the system, meeting with court evaluators and testifying in Court without guidance. I work with my client’s to let go of their angry emotional response to their spouse so that they can work effectively in the court system to get what they need.